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For the prompt diagnosis of painful hip conditions and management including injections and hip replacement.

Specialist Knee Advice

Rapid diagnosis of painful knee conditions and sports injuries in association with Specialist Musculoskeletal radiology team and MRI. Treatments include knee arthroscopy.

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"I now walk, garden and cycle without pain at all, it was well worth having a knee replacement." Malcom

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Knee Replacement Surgery

If you have severe arthritis of the knee (i.e. pain on walking and disturbed sleep because of pain) and have not responded to non- operative treatment then total knee Arthroplasty can be considered.
The aim of surgery is to provide pain relief and correct deformity of the knee.
Knee replacement surgery is common around 100,000 being performed each year in the U.K.

Hip Replacement Surgery

If you have severe arthritis of the hip (i.e. pain on walking and disturbed sleep) and have not responded to painkillers then total hip replacement can be considered.
The aim of surgery is to provide pain relief and improve mobility.
Hip replacement surgery is common around 100,000 being performed each year in the U.K.

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is an operation that lets the surgeon visualize the inside of your knee. It allows the surgeon to diagnose certain conditions and also treat specific conditions.

Over 10 Years

Consultant Experience

Over 1500

Replacement surgerys performed

Over 300

Joint replacements a year.

Meet Mr. A Jafri

Mr A Jafri

Mr Jafri is a Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon with a busy practice NHS practice at the University Hospital of North Tees and Hartlepool. He is a Fellowship trained Lower Limb surgeon treating conditions of the knee and hip. His areas of specialist interest are knee and hip replacement and knee keyhole surgery. He offers consultations for Private patients at the Tees Nuffield Hospital, Norton, Stockton and also the Tees Valley Hospital in Middlesborough. See Mr Jafri's National Joint Registry profile

To arrange an appointment to talk to Mr Jafri about your knee or hip contact 01642 367448 or 07936433019 or click here to email. See Mr Jafri's National Joint Registry profile

Special Interests

  • Sports Injury.
  • Joint Replacement.

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What Our Patients Say



Six weeks ago, I had a hip replacement.I was very unsure about having a hip repacement as it seemed such a drastic step but now feel better than I have felt for months! I didn't realise how much pain I was in until it stopped! The operation was far less daunting than I thought it would be. After a sedative, I awoke as it was finishing. Three days after my operation, I went home feeling rather fragile but still better than I had felt before. Any pain from day one was controlled with medication ; something I had not managed to achieve before the operation. Without trying to sound melodramatic, I feel as if I have got my life back and I understand that I will continue to improve over the next six months. I cannot thank Mr. Jafri and his team enough!


C.N.B. (Hartlepool).

Having suffered for a long time with severe pain ,discomfort and a reduction in movement in my left hip , on 15.09.15. I had major hip joint replacement surgery performed by consultant surgeon Mr. Anwar Jafri and his medical team at the Nuffield Health Tees Hospital , Norton, Stockton on Tees. Now 6 months into my recovery I’m walking normal, doing my household chores, gardening ,DIY,and just this week started playing golf again and walking the course! All with ease, no pain and no discomfort. I can highly recommend to anyone who is suffering from similar symptoms that I endured to have this replacement surgery, it will change your life for the better as it has me . If in the future I require any more operations on my joints I will certainly be getting Mr.Anwar Jafri to do the surgery as he has done a marvellous job on my left hip, and I can without hesitation highly recommend Mr. Anwar Jafri to anyone who requires similar replacement surgery.



Who would have thought just 6 weeks after a total knee replacement I could be so pain free and active. My first knee replacement was 8 months ago and having heard so many horror stories I was nervous to say the least. I returned from theatre not even realizing the procedure was over. My physio began the following day and although it was painful to begin with if you follow the exercises recommended and take the painkillers required you could be up and about in just a few weeks. I was! I was even more nervous leading up to the second knee replacement because I knew what to expect. I was told no two operations are the same. I can honestly say the second knee replacement was far easier. I took on board how important the exercises are and if the painkillers are taken correctly you can cope far easier. Less than a year ago my life was miserable. Constantly in pain and barely able to walk. My wife and I would like to say a very big thank you to you and your staff. I have my life back. Its the best decision I have ever made. Many thanks


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